Theodor Teddy Hall
Age 7
Gender male
Alias Teddy
Hair blonde
Allies Denny Hall (Deceased father)

Kat Hall (Deceased mother) Mia Hall (Older sister)

Fate Deceased
Appearances If I Stay
Mentioned If I Stay, Where She Went
Portrayed by Jakob Davies

Teddy Hall was Mia's little brother. Mia is extremely fond of Teddy, saying he is like her own child. Teddy admires Mia and the two are very close. The relationship between Mia and Teddy is much closer than the average brother-sister relationship. Mia's fierce protectiveness is shown immediately after the accident. Though it's clear that her mother and father's deaths affect her a great deal, her immediate concern is over Teddy's well-being. She finds herself depending her decision on whether to leave or to stay on Teddy's survival. Throughout the book, Mia worries the most about Teddy, as it is unclear at first to whether or not he has died alongside her parents in the accident. However, Mia realizes his death when she sees Willow, knowing that she would never leave Teddy if he was still alive. His death hits her extremely hard. Teddy's innocence and the loss of this innocent life is a representative of the innocence Mia will lose should she choose to stay in the physical world.

Trivia Edit

-In the film, Teddy and Mia go to the same hospital. It is clear that Teddy is still alive at first, and was even conscious when they brought him in. When Mia learns her parents are dead, she rushes to find Teddy and comforts him, swearing she will never leave him. However, when Mia sees Willow comforting Kim and Adam, she rushes to find him, but finds his bed empty. She then learns that Teddy died from an epidural hemorrhage in the brain, much to her shock and horror.

-In the book, Teddy remains in first hospital, while Mia is transfered to Portland's hospital. Mia finds out that Teddy is dead only when Willow( a nurse and the family-friend they wanted to visit) appears in her ward because she was taking care of Teddy at the first hospital, that's when she realised that Teddy has passed.