Mia Hall
Age 17( If I Stay)

20( Where She Went)

Gender Female
Alias Mia Mimosa, Mee
Height 5'5
Hair Brown
Allies -Denny Hall (Deceased father)

-Kat Hall (Deceased mother) -Teddy Hall (Deceased brother)

Fate Alive
Appearances If I Stay, Where She Went
Mentioned If I Stay, Where She Went
Portrayed by Chloe Grace Moretz

About Mia Hall

Mia Hall is the female protagonist in the book If I Stay.

If I StayEdit

Mia is a gifted cellist from Oregon, from a family of punkists. Her mother, Kat, and her father, Denny, were very young when they had her, but Denny said " I don't like calling her 'girlfriend'. Let's get married and call her 'wife'. Their wedding was something very original. Mia loved her family, even though their music genres were way different. idk

Mia is Adam Wilde's girlfriend from high school, where he was pretty popular and she was the geek. They first met in school, while Mia was practicing at her cello and Adam was so impressed by the way she played that he spent all the tips he got from pizzeria where he was working and took her at a concert of Yo-Yo Ma (or better say date?). 

Once, when Adam invited her to a Halloween party, she dressed in a sexy '60s female rocker just to impress him, and then he just smiled and took her upstairs in bed to have sex and whispered that he liked her no matter what is she wearing, because it's the same Mia as always.  

After the car crash which killed her family, she had to choose whether she wants to leave or to stay. She has many flashbacks from her childhood and her life, until Adam makes her stay with a promise he isn't ready to keep.

Where She WentEdit

While Mia's gone to Juilliard, Adam is on his path to fame, with his band, Shooting Star. She meets him at one of her concerts at Carnegie Hall. Second time when she bumps into Adam, they start a crazy trip in New York.

After they passed by The Statue of Liberty, Mia obliged Adam to ask what is her secret and she answered " Liberty". Then, they reached a bridge and Mia tells her ex- boyfriend why she left him without even a note.

At the end of the book, they got back together and Adam quits Shooting Star.

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