Kat Hall
Mia's Mother
Gender Female
Allies -Denny Hall (Deceased husband)

-Mia Hall (Daughter) -Teddy Hall (Deceased son)

Fate Deceased
Portrayed by Mireille Enos

Kat Hall is Mia's mother.

She is described as "tough as nails, tender as kittens".

She loves rock and her family. She is sometimes protective and is fiercely loyal. She previously had issues with Mia's love for classical music, but accepts it as part of Mia's life. She is not a typical mother, in terms of her role in the house. Like her husband Denny and her son Teddy, Kat died during a car accident. In both the book and the film, she dies instantly(although Mia doesn't learn this until much later in the film than she does in the book)