Denny Hall
Mia's Father
Gender Male
Allies -Kat Hall (Deceased wife)

-Mia Hall (Daughter) -Teddy Hall (Deceased son)

Fate Deceased
Portrayed by Joshua Leonard

Denny Hall is Mia's father.

Denny was Mia's father. Denny also possesses a great love for music and was in a rock band of his own before he became a father. Though music was extremely important to him, his family was more so, and because of that he finds it easy to move on and "grow up". Mia and her father share a special relationship and find themselves connecting as artists. Mia appreciates who her father is, both as a musician and a lyricist. Though Denny has given himself over to the idea of fatherhood and settling down, he still clings to his rock and roll self, dressing in odd hipster fashions and playing rock music for his family in the car. Denny pushes Mia to be the best musician she can be, and shares a special connection with her. He buys Mia her first cello and gives her a pep talk before her first ever performance. He is killed instantly in the car accident, quite violently as Mia can see scattered pieces of his brain around his body afterwards.

Denny is quite rebellious but is also mature. He steps up to be a father and eventually gives up his band in favor of teaching. He is hesitant to admit that he still likes the thought of the band.

Both of Mia's parents approve of, and even love Mia's boyfriend, Adam.

Trivia Edit

In the book, he dies immediately, as Mia sees his body on the road, surrounded by pieces of his brain. In the film, Mia doesn't learn of his death until later, and he dies in surgery instead of instantly.