Adam Wilde
Mia Hall's boyfriend
Age 21
Gender Male
Hair Dark Brown
Enemies Vanessa LeGrande
Fate Alive
Appearances If I Stay & Where She Went
Portrayed by Jamie Blackley

Adam Wilde is one of the main characters in If I Stay. He is Mia Hall's boyfriend.

If I Stay Edit

Adam is a rock-star. He's in a band called Shooting Star, and is the lead singer and guitarist. He becomes attracted to Mia Hall while hearing her play music.  He then asks her out to a cello recital of Yo-Yo Ma . Mia and Adam date despite having sexual opposing personalities. 

After the crash, Adam attempts to visit Mia multiple times, but is not allowed to. When Mia is stable, he is finally permitted. He reads her the acceptance letter from Julliard. He says that she got accepted, that she actually did it. He then plays a song he wrote about her, waking her up. (Movie version) Adam tells Mia that he'd rather lose her by breaking up with her then have her dying. He promises that if it hurts too much to stay with him if she stays, then he'll leave.

They go their separate ways. With Adam being signed to a record label, and being famous, and Mia becoming one of Julliard's best performers.

He appears again in Where She Went as the narrator.

Where She Went Edit

Three years later, they meet again by chance and after some awkwardness and tension, renew their romance.


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